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Frequently Asked Questions


*map Subject to change

  • Box Office Hours?
    Wed. July 17th Pre-party 12:00pm - 9:00pm Thu. July 18th 11:00am OPEN Fri. July 19th 9:00pm CLOSE Sat. July 20th 10:00am - 9:00pm
  • Is camping included in my ticket?
    Camping is included in the price of your ticket. All cars parking in GA Camping/Day Lot will need to purchase a GA Car Pass (per vehicle, not per person). We also have camping upgrades available: Preferred Car Camping, Glamping, RV Rentals, and RV Passes. These upgrades do not require a GA Car Pass.
  • What else happens besides music?
    Secret Dreams is a MUSIC and ARTS festival! There will be a gallery of national artists with pieces on display and for sale, with live painting at the stages and throughout the venue. Yoga classes and workshops covering a variety of topics each day, Art Installations throughout the venue, games and activities, and lots of fun things across the venue to get wrapped up in!
  • Are outside food and beverages allowed?
    Yep, but we won’t be selling alcohol this year. So… B.Y.O.B., homie! Food vendors will also be providing food for everyone - meat options, vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free, etc. Ask each vendor about their specific offerings. NO GLASS containers of any kind. Please keep in mind that underage drinking is against the law and not allowed. Ask everyone for their ID before sharing, never judge a book (or person) by their cover!
  • What about the weather? Do y’all control the rain?
    If you were there last year, well, you know we do not.
  • At what age do my kids need tickets?
    Kids 10 and up need tickets.
  • Will there be any secret things happening throughout the event?
    Keep your eyes peeled and your ears unclogged, and you might just find yourself in the middle of something you never expected!
  • Can I sell my own merch at your festival?
    You may purchase a "walking vendor" pass only available at the box office to sell homemade crafts and small items. Walking Vendors will not be allowed to sell within the venue, only in the surrounding campgrounds. As the "walking vendor" name implies, this pass does not allow for full vending setups. We will not allow any unofficial "Secret Dreams" branded items to be sold on the grounds. If we see you attempting to sell prints or anything else with the logo, brand name, etc. THEY WILL BE CONFISCATED. A lot of artists worked hard to make the merch we have available, come check it out! If you have a cool merch idea, feel free to contact us for consideration on future events.
  • Will there be ATMS on site?
  • Can I bring my sweet totem?
    Ehhh, sure. But absolutely NO OVERSIZED TOTEMS. Totems will only be allowed in the very back of viewing areas and your campsite.
  • I have an inflatable living room. Can I put it in the middle of the crowd?
    Nahh homie... Blow up couches, chairs and other things in the back of the viewing areas only, we want the dancing space to be for dancing. If you wanna chill, hang in the back.
  • Will there be water?
    Yes, we have a number of fill-up stations marked on the map and clearly marked signs. Please bring reusable containers and STAY HYDRATED!
  • Will there be any shuttles from the airport?
    Yes! Please visit our Shuttles Page to purchase tickets to/from the airport.
  • I'm flying in from an airport and want to tent camp. Can I be dropped off at the festival and be able to tent camp?
    Yes, absolutely! We will have spots in the GA campgrounds specifically for tent only campers. You can also purchase a Glamping or pre-set RV package here!
  • Can I bring my Bicycle or longboard?
    Yes, for cruising around the campgrounds! However, you must leave these at the security checkpoint before entering the venue, for safety reasons. Think: helmets, elbow and knee pads, mouthguard…
  • Can I bring my own Golf Cart? Moped? Racehorse?
    Nahh, homie! But thanks for asking!
  • Can I spin fire?
    The fire spinning will be limited to festival sanctioned performers, for safety reasons…
  • Can we leave with our vehicles?
    Yes, but if you plan on returning, your vehicle WILL NOT be returning to the same place. It will be parked in the Day Parking Lot.
  • Do I need to name and transfer my ticket?
    Be advised that resale tickets are often fraudulent, and we do not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased anywhere other than directly from our main ticketing site. The only third party resale we will accept is through Cash or Trade. If you receive a ticket from someone else, and you did not transfer through Cash or Trade, you will need to present a picture of the original purchaser's government issued photo ID to gain entry to the event.
  • I lost my ticket email. Who do I contact?
    Go to and press resend email at the top of the page. If that doesn’t work, please Contact SecretDreams@cincyticket.comwith any ticket related issues.
  • At what age do my kids need tickets?
    Children ages 10 and up will need tickets.
  • I already purchased my 3 Day GA tickets, but I want to buy a Glamping/Pre-Set RV package. What should I do?
    Please email and we will get you taken care of!
  • How does ticketing work?
    Tickets are sold as a 3-day festival pass. Looking to start the party sooner? You may add on early arrival + camping options are available.
  • Do I need a GA Car Pass?
    If you plan on driving, and do not have a Preferred, Glamping, Pre-Set RV, or RV Pass, you will need to purchase a GA Car Pass. This includes day parking.
  • Will there be ADA camping?
    Yes, there will be a designated ADA campground.
  • How do I register for ADA camping?
    Patrons need to be registered with national ADA to qualify for ADA camping. Please contact and we can help get you squared away!
  • Will there be wheelchair access?
    The roads are paved in the venue so wheelchairs should be able to get around with ease!
  • Is the venue ADA accessible?
    Yes, both the venue and camping have ADA accessibility.
  • Can I bring my motorized wheelchair?
    Yep! If you need to charge a battery, just let us know at the ADA Headquarters.
  • Will there be ADA golf Cart Transportation?
    We will have an ADA compatible golf cart with a wheelchair ramp that will be making stops at designated points across the festival grounds. Hours of operation will be posted at the ADA Headquarters located in the ADA campground.
  • What do I need to qualify for ADA?
    Patrons need to be registered with national ADA to qualify for ADA camping.
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